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NEW FORUMSAlex006-28-2003
* Forum Upgrade - Posting Disabled *Alex106-27-2003
Quest Newsletter - Sign up nowAlex106-25-2003
Alex my good old friend....Gwerradon206-18-2003
before turn scriptgamer1962106-17-2003
Maybe a couple of bugsgamer1962306-13-2003
Quest Newsletter - Articles neededAlex106-12-2003
Online gamesKapstok306-10-2003
battle engine for downloadJakk406-08-2003
Don't click here. It doesn't have to be you. NO!!!! DON'T CLICK HERE!!Jakk406-07-2003
Quest Pro affiliate systemAlex606-06-2003
A Question to Alex or Anyone :)redsun406-04-2003
Library by AlanBambtongamer1962206-02-2003
Need help with pictures!!Kapstok206-02-2003
I am looking for a new program?George205-28-2003
The forum has gone weirdGwerradon105-27-2003
Changing player namesGwerradon205-27-2003
changing stringsGwerradon1405-25-2003
Password Manager 0.1Gwerradon105-25-2003
First ImpressionsRayhi205-20-2003
not recognizing objects 2gamer1962005-19-2003
Battle System (again)Fred205-16-2003
Coordinate Based GameI think Im Back705-15-2003
A Question :)redsun205-12-2003
Not recognizing an objectgamer1962105-11-2003
Another prob.redsun405-10-2003
IF Comp 2003 and some useful linksAlex405-05-2003
game over pageheadless1205-03-2003
That Bug returns!...LOLredsun405-03-2003
Intro, not Ion.Jakk505-03-2003
Another Possible Bug, I'm getting good at this"G"redsun205-02-2003
A Suggestion :)redsun205-02-2003
So, I invented time...I think Im Back304-29-2003
A Error.redsun804-28-2003
My battle egine. Dont touch my socksJakk504-26-2003
Give your supportGautier UK304-25-2003
ERRORGautier UK804-25-2003
forgotten codeGautier UK304-23-2003
Interesting ASLI think Im Back1004-05-2003
More Runtime Errors.I think Im Back204-02-2003
Quest Pro users should have emailAlex003-31-2003
StringsGautier UK603-31-2003
statistics rollerGautier UK403-31-2003
Status VariablesGautier UK203-31-2003
hostersGautier UK703-31-2003
in need of MadBrit's help!Gautier UK803-30-2003
A bit of a mystery...I think Im Back103-29-2003
QuestGautier UK303-27-2003
Ebersmile - bye bye0 Ste 0103-27-2003
Forgot how to use graphicsjalyman003-13-2003
Hey 0 site 0Jakk303-09-2003
Suffer my deathly hand of badstuff, and rocks, and Kraft cheese!Jakk603-08-2003
Question for AlexI think Im Back303-07-2003
monsters0 Ste 01303-03-2003
possible bug?Shadow002-28-2003
health0 Ste 0502-27-2003
A new questionShadow302-25-2003
attacking other players0 Ste 0102-24-2003
getting more advanced, aint we =)0 Ste 0202-24-2003
gold0 Ste 0902-23-2003
jump to a specific point and...mortimer jazz202-23-2003
need code0 Ste 0202-21-2003
problem with vars & conditionalsmortimer jazz302-20-2003
SAS 5Evelsvia202-18-2003
need code infoEvelsvia102-18-2003
Error Message DescriptionsTony302-17-2003
Last gameJim Jones502-16-2003
Coding tutorial for Quest/QuestNet MaDbRiT402-16-2003
Back from the UnknownGravity002-15-2003
Suggestion... maybe a request...perhaps an idea.I think Im Back002-14-2003
Understanding LibrariesShadow102-11-2003
Battle Engine codingFred002-09-2003
Now about my fairy....Shadow1902-09-2003
A plea for help aka you don't understand, I really really need a tutorialShadow102-07-2003
I don't understandShadow802-07-2003
I need a tutorialShadow502-05-2003
Problems getting Quest Pro...Demon Blaze101-22-2003
QuestionI think Im Back501-15-2003
Yet another questionAdji101-06-2003
I have another questionAdji1201-06-2003
Hey all its meAdji001-05-2003
here I amBrian_the_great301-05-2003
Good bye all...Jim Jones301-05-2003
battle engineJim Jones201-04-2003
money pleasekingcoaster101-03-2003
Group Game sponsorshipRussell001-03-2003
Beta of gameNew Creator512-31-2002
Library helpJim Jones212-29-2002
VersionsNew Creator112-28-2002
y'know what?Jim Jones012-26-2002
another question sighed by meJim Jones212-26-2002
Merry Christmas!Alex212-24-2002
Thats does it!Jim Jones112-22-2002
NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOJim Jones112-22-2002
another thing about containersJim Jones212-22-2002
hmmI think Im Back012-16-2002
question to alexJim Jones212-14-2002
Bye byeJim Jones512-14-2002
another scream for helpJim Jones512-14-2002
A Laundry List of Suggestions for QDK/Questbjbest1212-12-2002
Compiled Libraries?MaDbRiT412-10-2002
ContainersJim Jones312-08-2002
Question!Jim Jones112-07-2002
How....?Jim Jones112-07-2002
Whats the point?Jim Jones112-07-2002
What the hell, this is getting annoyingkingcoaster312-07-2002
Names & stuffJim Jones612-07-2002
Quest 3.12Alex512-03-2002
Hello all, and a bunch of questions/suggestions.ArasanNayamu511-30-2002
About hiding objectsFred711-29-2002
Hey Alexkingcoaster211-28-2002
Using objectsjalyman611-27-2002
Re: creating games for distributionjalyman111-27-2002
.wav fileskingcoaster411-22-2002
Trying to reach numeric value...Computer Whizz811-01-2002
Quest 3.1 error - !intproc...Computer Whizz311-01-2002
Incorporating AI into QuestTanin1010-31-2002
Is there an Object Hierarchy in Quest?HaDel110-31-2002
A bug!?!?! with propertiesHaDel410-30-2002
Animal Wonder ScriptTanin1510-24-2002
Hey there...White Divine110-24-2002
Comments in asl file.(possible bug)gamer1962710-23-2002
game filesgamer1962110-23-2002
Suggestion for next version..Tanin510-17-2002
Frequent Errorshannibal1610-14-2002
Thanks PC WhizTanin110-14-2002
Custom Menu Actions..Tanin110-13-2002
Error Msg Tanin210-13-2002
Who's IE modified by adult websites?dwww010-09-2002
Lighting in gamesgamer1962310-08-2002
Restoring Gamesgamer1962210-07-2002
Saving anything irrelevant to ASLDarkAng3l010-06-2002
ADRIFT vs QuestHsif Doow810-06-2002
Quest user in the ADRIFT forum...Ds490310-05-2002
Once again I fail! Can anyone help?NickP109-30-2002
Money money money!NickP209-29-2002
Possible bug Pro 3.11gamer1962109-26-2002
Missing postsAlex009-25-2002
Suffix of objectsgamer1962009-23-2002
Extension Library for Quest 3.11 MaDbRiT409-15-2002
Quest 3.11 ReleasedAlex109-12-2002
Quest bugTim109-01-2002
What did u think of Green Light?carlii508-31-2002
Auto MapperEvelsvia708-30-2002
New Quest LogoAlex1708-29-2002
bug in QDK 3.1carlii808-24-2002
New game to archive: "Green Light"carlii208-24-2002
Games Archive: HTTP Upload is backAlex108-15-2002
Restoring games with updated game codegamer1962308-05-2002
Bug found.Thraka208-01-2002
restoring gamesgamer1962107-28-2002
need a bit of helpI think Im Dead807-26-2002
restoring gamesgamer1962507-23-2002
Question about Quest...Thraka107-23-2002
Problem with properties..Thraka1707-23-2002
Eh, suggestion for new Quest/QuestnetI think Im Dead107-22-2002
Quest - Nice Title LoLzPikaflare407-20-2002
Nesting If commands with 3.1 progamer1962107-19-2002
restoring game and command buttons int he object windowgamer1962107-16-2002
QDK- commands that colored in redgamer1962007-15-2002
QuestNet Plans?I think Im Dead107-14-2002
the TAKE tag or propertygamer1962107-13-2002
displaying objects in room your not in gamer1962607-13-2002
new questpro3.1 upgradegamer1962107-12-2002
Bug reportMaDbRiT107-11-2002
Bug Report For Quest/QDK 3.1carlii307-05-2002
Congrats Alex!carlii007-04-2002
font problemDarkAng3l007-02-2002
Lighting problemsgamer1962106-29-2002
GIMME BACK 3.03Xlithan2306-27-2002
buh byeXlithan406-26-2002
wheres the new quest?Xlithan906-26-2002
Editing Problem!!!!scriptkitty123006-26-2002
Error message in ASL loggamer1962106-26-2002
Go to in room exitsgamer1962106-22-2002
help meXlithan206-21-2002
the Say ......... commandXlithan206-21-2002
status variablegamer1962206-21-2002
'Run time error 6 - overflow'melbrown2k106-20-2002
#.....# command went funny.Xlithan306-19-2002
Which version is the best?Xlithan606-19-2002
To Alex...Xlithan306-19-2002
arena monstersXlithan506-19-2002
Command statements vs proceduresgamer1962306-19-2002
#@...# for command declarationsgamer1962206-18-2002
Using the = blank space as a synonymgamer1962106-17-2002
Ignoring words in commandsgamer1962206-17-2002
Weird bugNew Creator206-14-2002
Room Descriptions 2gamer1962106-12-2002
room descriptionsgamer1962206-12-2002
2000+ posts in this forum!carlii306-07-2002
Bounced emails to meAlex106-06-2002
Run-time error '13' and Room Descriptionredrum305-28-2002
Can someone please help me with these questions?DjMessiah12305-27-2002
NoGo GamingXlithan405-25-2002
Help with object properties-typesFoxMulder205-22-2002
Confused about Functionscarlii105-21-2002
Eh, someone should know this...I think Im Dead505-21-2002
FormulasNew Creator1005-17-2002
new suggestions/q's for QDK 3.1 BETAcarlii705-17-2002
Help with variablesmelbrown2k205-16-2002
Q: random numberscarlii405-12-2002
Need information on QuestBeanius Maximus205-11-2002
Aliasing in command statementsMaDbRiT705-04-2002
Runtime Error '35603'Fred205-01-2002
Briefcase Questwdrc205-01-2002
String VariablesFred604-28-2002
Silence from meAlex603-28-2002
The Dark ProjectPikaflare1903-27-2002
ASL files won't run!Tyrant203-24-2002
Random Numbersmomewraith603-22-2002
Help with propertiesThraka503-21-2002
...and another one.Andy C003-20-2002
What does !. mean !!??Andy C303-20-2002
Have we reached a dry season?Tyrant103-18-2002
object is missing.. help!Justdog11103-01-2002
Battle systemFred002-17-2002
lttle green frogswild_wild_Quest002-13-2002
more help ( i know thats all i ask for..)kingcoaster302-11-2002
Battle system?KaiserGhaleon302-10-2002
Older Posts HereAlex102-09-2002
Quest 3.1 Beta printable ASL referenceMaDbRiT101-31-2002
How do you display pictures?der29101-29-2002
my evaluation of Quest 3.1 Beta (including 'beg report')carlii401-26-2002
Alex, have you looked into the looping MIDI?Tyrant001-20-2002
I need helpkingcoaster301-19-2002
Question concerning variablesTyrant201-18-2002
New to Questbrianwolters501-18-2002
runtime error 6 - overflowRDasent201-18-2002
Status Variables in 3.xNaviris401-14-2002
A simple suggestion===>Mega401-13-2002
tearing my hair outRussell201-09-2002
'Over-looked' QDK suggestionscarlii301-07-2002
3.1 betaMega301-05-2002
*Sigh* My game is producing more strange errorsTyrant501-05-2002
MIDI looping bugTyrant301-04-2002
New gameNew Creator801-04-2002
How large can an ASL file be?Tyrant601-04-2002
Is Quest 1 still available?carlii201-04-2002
What do you guys use to edit your code?Tyrant1001-02-2002
Invalid Key errorTyrant201-01-2002
what is "WARNING ERROR: Variable type not specified in 'set '"?carlii201-01-2002
I can't open my game in QDK!!!carlii501-01-2002
weird bug in QDK of Q3.1 betacarlii101-01-2002
Variable used for menu selectionBigdaddy2201-01-2002
What happened to the 'Collectable' condition in QDK?carlii301-01-2002
a question to alex & other ppls ------ >carlii712-31-2001
what is the best way to 'wear' something in Q?carlii1112-31-2001
a player's own special inventory; a questioncarlii312-31-2001
My game won't load!Tyrant312-31-2001
Run time error 13TiLT1112-31-2001
what is 'mismatch' error?carlii512-27-2001
need help with status variablescarlii212-27-2001
Is the 1sr v of a game titled 1.0 or 0.1 ?carlii212-27-2001
bug in Quest 3.1 beta ==>carlii112-27-2001
quest 3.1 beta bugcarlii512-26-2001
where can i d/l those battle engines?carlii512-26-2001
WHAT??? QDK of Quest 3.0 TRIAL???carlii1112-26-2001
oldest 'still alive' members of the forumcarlii812-26-2001
Quest 3.1 BetaAlex212-24-2001
Random ValuesCorlen Belspar712-24-2001
Search the siteAlex312-22-2001
IS there actually a "to-do" list?!carlii612-22-2001
Nesting if statementsBigDaddy112-19-2001
Adding Bojects to a roomPTerminator212-18-2001
Is It Posible To Make A Quest Game File Into An .EXE?blackflame312-18-2001
Animated GIFsnothung512-17-2001
copyright infirgment?zenthor612-15-2001
A few questionsNew Creator012-14-2001
Warning Error: Not Found Object 'toast'Russell412-12-2001
More suggested additions to Quest===>Mega1412-08-2001
Posting GamesNew Creator712-07-2001
Libraries and QDKRKFM212-05-2001
Also, a question===>Mega512-04-2001
Code to refresh panesMega812-04-2001
Guilds?Leaf Fox912-04-2001
Sticky Objects in Inventory WindowRKFM312-04-2001
Another suggested addition to Quest===>Mega612-03-2001
not xxxx propertyRKFM512-02-2001
Drop default msg and QDK issuesRKFM712-01-2001
QDK 2.X & 3.XDarkAng3l711-28-2001
Right.... properties and object display.Computer Whizz011-26-2001
Demo's or explanitory games....Computer Whizz111-22-2001
Another Quest additionPikaflare211-21-2001
Canadian Rates for QuestPikaflare211-20-2001
Suggested addition to QuestPikaflare311-20-2001
Functions and propertiesbabydragon211-20-2001
What could be the biggest bug to-date (well it is to me)Pikaflare211-17-2001
Run-Time Error 10Pikaflare211-17-2001
Quest 3.04 is out already?Mega411-17-2001
Problem with |xnPikaflare611-17-2001
Missing Brace ErrorPikaflare211-17-2001
Suggested addition to Quest===>Mega411-16-2001
slight typo and quick questionbabydragon1111-16-2001
ASL vs QDKbabydragon611-15-2001
Overflow errorPikaflare311-15-2001
oh thats just great i found an annoying bug AHHcarlii511-15-2001
disabling commandsbabydragon411-15-2001
how do you.....carlii311-14-2001
just a comment about quest 3carlii411-14-2001
Inventory listing orderbabydragon311-13-2001
Status Variable BugPikaflare311-13-2001
run-time error 380 - a bug?!carlii211-13-2001
Newbie found a Bug!babydragon111-13-2001
Error messages===>Mega711-12-2001
Battle systembabydragon411-11-2001
DarkAng3l - Read thisPikaflare211-11-2001
The Dark ProjectPikaflare511-11-2001
Quick Question Help pleasebabydragon111-10-2001
Help the newbiebabydragon611-10-2001
Is Quest 2.X compatible with Quest 3.X DarkAng3l711-10-2001
Found another QDK Bug ;-)Tyrant211-10-2001
Question regarding room scripts===>Mega811-10-2001
Interacting with players in QuestNet.Pikaflare411-08-2001
BLACK MAGiCPikaflare411-06-2001
Some sort of status variable bugTyrant2311-04-2001
Stupid question about randomsTyrant310-31-2001
Question regarding Al's q3ext library===>Mega1110-30-2001
Im Back with A question, again.Battle Mage710-30-2001
Welcome back! Question inside===>Mega310-28-2001
Forums back onlineAlex210-27-2001
QDK 3.02 bug (Hope this posts!)Tyrant310-26-2001
!! -- Disruption to Forums -- !!Alex110-20-2001
a var. in a var.sweetguy910-18-2001
A possible way to loop MIDI until the actual features becomes available...Tyrant110-18-2001
Simple question about playing Quest gamesTyrant110-17-2001
Memory leak!Mega310-17-2001
Not again...Mega810-14-2001
More on 'room specific' synonymsMaDbRiT010-13-2001 FUNCTIONS are giving me a hard timeMega210-13-2001
Guess whoooooo? Problem with prefixes this timeMega510-11-2001
Is it possible to change the Quest background window's color?Tyrant110-09-2001
How about an example codebase?MaDbRiT210-09-2001
Code after bug happened (note the missing parenthese, and all the blank lines!)Mega010-08-2001
Code before bug happenedMega010-08-2001
Quest 3.02 parentheses bugMega510-08-2001
Can status variables be invisible?Tyrant610-08-2001
Me again. Question about synonyms.Mega1910-08-2001
Quest 3.02 BugPikaflare610-07-2001
Please help - changing object propertiesMega610-07-2001
Run-time error '339':LinuxBoy210-05-2001
Runtime Error 50003ROXENHALL210-05-2001
ASL Reference in Acrobat pdf formMaDbRiT210-04-2001
QDK 3.02 QuestionTyrant210-04-2001
Improved Quest 3 Extension libraryMaDbRiT210-03-2001
Is it possible to change a room's name?Cheeselord710-02-2001
How do you eat?Cheeselord410-01-2001
Background color change--WOW!BenJim209-27-2001
Bedtime for BritsBenJim209-25-2001
Repeating a wav fileBenJim109-25-2001
Runtime error #76BenJim709-25-2001
clear screenBenJim109-25-2001
Here's my new user nameMaxpowr009-25-2001
cswsk32.ocx DANTE409-25-2001
Private Profile ?ROXENHALL309-22-2001
Quest 3.02Alex509-20-2001
Missing } - unable to open filergtnismo309-19-2001
Pictures and MoneyJimGtzy1309-18-2001
Syntax HighlightingAlex009-15-2001
Gotta questionPikaflare609-14-2001
Would anyone like to beta-test my game?Pikaflare309-14-2001
Hey TyrantPikaflare009-14-2001
a bug for Quest 3.0carlii1509-08-2001
1001th messagecarlii409-08-2001
Quest 3.0Alex509-07-2001
Disappearing .asl fileRussell409-05-2001
Pick your collective brainsWolfe309-01-2001
Help with somethingNewbie808-27-2001
Newbie with a question..Battle Mage2708-25-2001
Very long coded demo....Computer Whizz1508-21-2001
$lengthof(string)$ question.Computer Whizz208-20-2001
Aliasing Exits??Computer Whizz408-20-2001
Test for is character in the roomJim Trash908-20-2001
Of coding librariesMaDbRiT208-19-2001
Trouble with "has "passerby808-18-2001
Can you?Luridii408-17-2001
I'm backPikaflare108-16-2001
Read command....Computer Whizz1708-16-2001
Is there...?Luridii1108-14-2001
Object aliasingLuridii608-14-2001
New way of doing elevator's!!Computer Whizz308-12-2001
Whats going on?Luridii808-12-2001
Some wrong code!?Computer Whizz308-08-2001
Bug's in Quest 3.0!!!Computer Whizz208-06-2001
What stupid mistake have i made this time then?Luridii508-05-2001
A taste of QDK 3.0Alex908-04-2001
Runtime error "28"??Computer Whizz208-04-2001
Gaming Software ques.TNK108-04-2001
Two-part questionWolfe808-03-2001
Object speech if bugLuridii708-03-2001
The illusive "take all" command....Computer Whizz108-03-2001
Library status variablesLuridii1508-01-2001
Could somebody give me a timer example?Tyrant1308-01-2001
Anyone Questionfiton307-31-2001
Magic Sword P1fiton907-31-2001
i wanna make me own appcarlii207-29-2001
$capfirst()$ functionLuridii607-29-2001
What are theses?fiton107-29-2001
Variables in libraries...Computer Whizz107-28-2001
QDK 1.02 bug... and a little library help!Computer Whizz407-28-2001
I need help very muchfiton507-27-2001
700th MESSAGE!!!!!!! WOO-HOO!!!Computer Whizz007-25-2001
EVERYBODY READ!!! I am making a unique game, and ALL OF YOU are the characters!Tyrant2407-25-2001
Search function for this forumRussell107-24-2001
Is anyone here have any experience with 3D modelling?Tyrant007-24-2001
Created Exits in 3.0.93Wizard107-24-2001
The Shell SagaAlex307-22-2001
Runtime error '5'???Computer Whizz607-21-2001
Slight forum rearrangementAlex107-21-2001
I finally got the SHELL command to workTyrant207-20-2001
Automatically Deleting Internal ProceduresRussell107-20-2001
Alex QuestionWizard807-20-2001
Making exit's appear and object (character) propeties!Computer Whizz707-17-2001
Graphical Stuff?Andrew Page207-17-2001
custom commandsRussell407-16-2001
Created ExitsWizard307-15-2001
additional Quest 3.0 featurescarlii1407-15-2001
Does Quest have a built in battle engineGokuden1007-14-2001
Infopop BBoardcarlii107-12-2001
Not exactly sure how to properly use the SHELL command...Tyrant307-11-2001
saved info.sweetguy107-10-2001
Open/CloseDr Snark507-09-2001
Other programs?Computer Whizz607-08-2001
Experiencing problems with the WAIT functionTyrant207-07-2001
Stand AloneDr_Snark707-07-2001
What does ASL stand for?carlii407-07-2001
What does QDK stand for?carlii107-07-2001
Question (to anyone) about doing something in QuestTyrant307-07-2001
Web site unavailabilityAlex407-05-2001
For EachWizard207-04-2001
Function KeysWizard207-04-2001
deleting is a bug nowcarlii107-04-2001
A 'suppos-ed' bugcarlii407-04-2001
Yet ANOTHER question for poor old meTyrant407-03-2001
Is there a way to print collectible values?Tyrant207-03-2001
Drop Help NeededWizard507-02-2001
Alex may you share this with us or you already did?fiton307-02-2001
Downloading gamesfiton107-02-2001
Another QDK Bug...Tyrant107-01-2001
Variables in VariablesWizard406-28-2001
How can I view my code when I use QDK?Tyrant506-27-2001
Nosy question for alexpasserby306-26-2001
Use help neededWizard106-26-2001
QDK BugTyrant206-24-2001
Help with Take Item/ObjectWizard306-24-2001
Everyone here please respond....Tyrant706-22-2001
quest 3.0trek306-20-2001
help with objects/itemspasserby706-18-2001
A few questions about Quest 3.0...NOT about the release date:-)Tyrant106-17-2001
What makes IF so popular...Tyrant706-15-2001
restoring a saved game and collectiblesMikael306-04-2001
using Quest 2.0passerby206-03-2001
When's the new Quest comin' out?Computer Whizz105-30-2001
bug found on qdk 1.02fiton305-27-2001
Downloading Gamesfiton205-27-2001
Help!!!! Now I know how to sent games but my ISP didn't provide me an e-mail so I....fiton505-26-2001
E-mailing gamesfiton005-26-2001
Downloading or Uploadingfiton105-26-2001
the strange case of the disappearing e-mailMaDbRiT205-25-2001
How the F* do you set a numeric variable??Computer Whizz205-14-2001
And now it's time for the....... timer?Computer Whizz405-14-2001
Quest 3.0 Beta 2 - a problemMaDbRiT305-12-2001
I've returned from my temporary absence, plus got a Q...Tyrant305-10-2001
bug in qdk 1.02sweetguy1505-10-2001
ASL 3.0 proggraming help?Computer Whizz505-10-2001
another way to hide and show exits!!Computer Whizz105-10-2001
Are you there Computer Whizz?Pikaflare205-08-2001
OK... deleted message!?Computer Whizz405-08-2001
Q to Tyrant about I-F comp. entryPikaflare105-08-2001
Q to Computer WhizzPikaflare705-07-2001
(My, my.... Aren't I busy lately!) Pikaflare's website mathematics question!Computer Whizz705-07-2001
What happened to Q3 beta 2 Registered Upgrade?MaDbRiT505-07-2001
Question about quest.currentroom.Computer Whizz405-07-2001
Q to Pikaflare about his IF game!Computer Whizz1105-06-2001
(This Post Has Been Deleted)-105-06-2001
Beta TestingPikaflare605-01-2001
Another Q to Alex about the IF competition....Tyrant504-26-2001
QX3 BugPikaflare404-26-2001
IF designAlex104-25-2001
Q to Alex about the Interactive Fiction contestTyrant104-25-2001
Interactive Fiction Competition 2001Pikaflare104-24-2001
Interactive Fiction CompetitionAlex204-23-2001
Please try out my game!Pikaflare404-18-2001
Tips & Tricks?Pikaflare404-17-2001
Queen_Vera's rabid llama's!!?Computer Whizz104-11-2001
Window Size and Positionsmalicorne1104-05-2001
Run time error '76' Path not foundmalicorne404-05-2001
Time based events?malicorne104-04-2001
I'm new to this and have some questions.Pikaflare1104-04-2001
Something about the scrolling in the Quest game screen....Tyrant303-31-2001
MagicSword Part 1Luridii2003-31-2001
Mature GamesTyrant103-30-2001
Everybody come and laugh at the idiotCosmic_Gypsy203-28-2001
Can i ?alexatavoid203-27-2001
What's a "Junior Member"malicorne103-26-2001
Another Quest 3.0 related questionTyrant403-24-2001
Quest PublicitySykotik Lil Munky203-24-2001
Quest 3.0Tyrant103-23-2001
Picture Sequencingmalicorne303-23-2001
Forward/L/R instead of Compass pointsmalicorne103-23-2001
HeyMunky Juice303-23-2001
photos againalexatavoid303-22-2001
why wont it show my pickalexatavoid403-21-2001
Concerning Mumashi's topic below (Mumashi, please read)Tyrant603-21-2001
Take alexatavoid203-19-2001
Been away for a long time... A little update.mumashi403-17-2001
Playing Soundsmalicorne103-16-2001
how do i againalexatavoid103-15-2001
how do ialexatavoid203-14-2001
Up/Down Commands; Multiplayermalicorne103-12-2001
Quick QTyrant102-23-2001
I'm interrested in hearing what games you guys have in production...Tyrant602-20-2001
The shell command doesn't seem to workTyrant602-19-2001
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